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After the death of his father and that of a close friend, j g rees tried to find the release he was looking for and started writing. Born in the Midwest some half-century ago to two soon-to-be morticians, one can see where his ‘dead pan’ humor truly came from. Playing amongst the caskets and his catholic school upbringing underscore much of his work.

He went through many types of employment. Moving west first to San Francisco, finally making his home in the Hawaiian Islands, john worked in many diverse, yet tangent fields: from the repair of Ferraris to the repair of underwater dock pilings; painting houses to painting ship zincs; general construction to general salvage on many sized ships - working out of Pearl Harbor for a while, on Navy vessels, some top secret.

He has traveled the world looking for work and play in out of the way places. Never finding what he expects. He likes it that way.

He has been happily married for 20 odd years (lovely that odd!)




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BOOKS BY j g rees

reviews of anoxic zone by j g rees

This novel definitely has a lot going on, from Jake and John’s initial discovery of what they are to their escape from Megacorp to encountering their “maker” to plotting how to destroy him. Don’t let the slim tome, coming in at just under 300 pages, fool you -  author Rees has packed a lot of action into this novel! That’s not to say it is convoluted, by any means. The pacing of the story is quick and just keeps drawing you in as you get further and further into the story. I ravenously drank it up!

I also love that author Rees has set the book in a not-too-distant future where people have become lazy and prefer that menial and/or dangerous labor be done by a part of the population called “reusables”…kinda sounds like the current state of things, no? Rees also borrows from several different genres to complete Anoxic Zone, too. There is futuristic sci-fi, a bit of noir, a lot of historical facts, a touch of romance, gore, action and horror…pretty much a little bit of everything!

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As a new reader to John G. Rees (in his writing debut), I didn't quite know what to expect. With vampires being such an overcrowded genre in this day and age (Twilight, "True Blood", Underworld, and so on), some stories can feel like they've been done many times before. Thankfully, Anoxic Zone is a fresh, original story that grabs you from the beginning and keeps your interest throughout.

Rees' novel is set in the not-so-distant future, where menial and dangerous jobs are left to "reusables," workers who can die and are repeatedly brought back again and again whenever needed by Megacorp.

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Versus Book #53. As an independent author I look for other independent authors too. They tend to have really original imaginations. Like this story here: "Anoxic Zone" by John G. Rees. I used to be into only mainstream books but I've learned of the awesome originality of the not so famous authors...

Guest Commentator THE DARK PRINCE says: "I sank my teeth into it and it bled!"

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Additional Information

“Halocline” is a graphic vampire horror novel with a futuristic twist that has no equal. Oh, don’t get me wrong, vampires have been done to death (literally, figuratively and in every other way). Even so, author John G. Rees has given literary birth to a genre of vampires that combines the original evil with the charming (albeit fleeting) lure of redemption.

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“Jake Strom is a deep-water salvage diver.  Johnny is his friend and a scientist.  They are both Recyclables, undead men created by Megacorp for their skills, kept alive with a series of injections created with the blood of Vlad Tepes—the Dracula—and mixed with heroin and other chemicals to keep them under control.  This future world was first introduced in Anoxic Zone, a term used for the deep water of the Black Sea where no oxygen exists, deadly to human divers.  It is a world where countries have no governments but are run by corporations, the biggest of which is Megacorp, a bully when it comes to doing business. In Anoxic Zone, Jake and Johnny discovered Megacorp’s secret and broke away to start their own company and destroy Tepes.

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Versus Book #59. Imagine a character based on Vlad Dracula coming back to life and trying to reenact his bloody war in modern times, including impalings! You'll be rooting for the two anti-heroes Jake n' Johnny, two vampires, to defeat Vlad Tepes. There also happens to be a human/vampire love story in here. Don't be fooled though. It's a bloody ride! This book is one of the best reads I've read in a long time. If you get a chance then find this. Like other reviews of the first book, I noticed it never mentioned the word vampire. "Halocline" by John G. Rees is the book. It is a vampire novel but it doesn't feel the need to boast it. Viral word of mouth gets it out there.

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BLACK TIDE brings the story begun in ‘anoxic zone’ full circle, both of Jake and the slowly disintegrating world he lives in. The book is well-written and Rees has preserved the continuity of the first two books. 

BLACK TIDE is also a cautionary tale about what can happen if we don’t appreciate and care for the natural world around us.  Modern technology is great, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of our environment…or our individuality.  I highly recommend all three of john g rees’ books as they bring a refreshing twist on the standard vampire tale. 

Read Colleen Wanglund’s entire review: thehorrorfictionreview.blogspot.com.html


Black Tide, by John G Rees is a bone chilling suspense novel that has the reader shaking with every turn of the page. The novel takes us to the beginning of Jake Strom’s story, including a troubled youth that plagued the protagonist shaping his well being.

Because of John G Rees’ painstakingly written novel, we can see the near future of a consumer driven economy fueled on the propaganda of greed hidden behind the lust of desire. It is a must read!

Read more of Gus Bernadicou at : punkglobe.com/blacktidebookreview0412.php


This writer, John G. Rees, is a skilled wordsmith...I feel honored to have come across this author out of the blue and found something that has changed me. His work deserves praise just as much as Clive Barker's ultra gory work has garnered. We all love "Hellraiser" after all. It would do you well to give this one a discerning eye and feel inspired yourself. I'm willing to bet that's him on the cover. Deep sea scares abound! Sign up to be a reusable today and never die.

Guest Commentator BLOOD MISTRESS says: "This work has appeased the lords of gore! I can taste the blood on my fingers!"

Read more of Versus Cyberpunk’s: versuscyberpunkhorrors.com/2012/06/vampiric-tides-awash-with-blood.html


reviews of out of stone by j g rees



“Gypsy feuds, vampires, Roman-era despots, Eastern European mafia, mind control, and even a little time travel – john g rees’ horror novel Out of Stone has something for everyone.
- Nick Buchan, Deadline Zombie


Another well-written and meticulously researched story, OUT OF STONE is rich with history, combining the horrors of war with the supernatural… I was very fond of Sechra and wanted her to succeed in the noble quest she takes on. Karuna’s trip into the past was compelling and ended with a most interesting and unforeseen twist. OUT OF STONE is a fantastic stand-alone novel, but I encourage you to read the trilogy that inspired it.
-Colleen Wanglund, Horror Fiction Review


The way he paints the world of the vampire is unlike any out there. You won't find a more violent, brooding, evil portrayal of a vampire. With tunnels made from the hands of doomed slaves and their bones filling the cracks, to a prison for criminals with no windows and a pit full of rotting bodies, you can bet he's the king of morbid vampire visions. As they should be really. Vampires are no walk in the park. They're even beings that only live for vile thrills. Yet in his works they find some sense of humanity and even redemption.  
- Deathz Head, Versus Cyberpunk