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This novel definitely has a lot going on, from Jake and John’s initial discovery of what they are to their escape from Megacorp to encountering their “maker” to plotting how to destroy him. Don’t let the slim tome, coming in at just under 300 pages, fool you -  author Rees has packed a lot of action into this novel! That’s not to say it is convoluted, by any means. The pacing of the story is quick and just keeps drawing you in as you get further and further into the story. I ravenously drank it up!

I also love that author Rees has set the book in a not-too-distant future where people have become lazy and prefer that menial and/or dangerous labor be done by a part of the population called “reusables”…kinda sounds like the current state of things, no? Rees also borrows from several different genres to complete Anoxic Zone, too. There is futuristic sci-fi, a bit of noir, a lot of historical facts, a touch of romance, gore, action and horror…pretty much a little bit of everything!

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As a new reader to John G. Rees (in his writing debut), I didn't quite know what to expect. With vampires being such an overcrowded genre in this day and age (Twilight, "True Blood", Underworld, and so on), some stories can feel like they've been done many times before. Thankfully, Anoxic Zone is a fresh, original story that grabs you from the beginning and keeps your interest throughout.

Rees' novel is set in the not-so-distant future, where menial and dangerous jobs are left to "reusables," workers who can die and are repeatedly brought back again and again whenever needed by Megacorp.

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Versus Book #53. As an independent author I look for other independent authors too. They tend to have really original imaginations. Like this story here: "Anoxic Zone" by John G. Rees. I used to be into only mainstream books but I've learned of the awesome originality of the not so famous authors...

Guest Commentator THE DARK PRINCE says: "I sank my teeth into it and it bled!"

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