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“Halocline” is a graphic vampire horror novel with a futuristic twist that has no equal. Oh, don’t get me wrong, vampires have been done to death (literally, figuratively and in every other way). Even so, author John G. Rees has given literary birth to a genre of vampires that combines the original evil with the charming (albeit fleeting) lure of redemption.

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Versus Book #59. Imagine a character based on Vlad Dracula coming back to life and trying to reenact his bloody war in modern times, including impalings! You'll be rooting for the two anti-heroes Jake n' Johnny, two vampires, to defeat Vlad Tepes. There also happens to be a human/vampire love story in here. Don't be fooled though. It's a bloody ride! This book is one of the best reads I've read in a long time. If you get a chance then find this. Like other reviews of the first book, I noticed it never mentioned the word vampire. "Halocline" by John G. Rees is the book. It is a vampire novel but it doesn't feel the need to boast it. Viral word of mouth gets it out there.

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“Jake Strom is a deep-water salvage diver.  Johnny is his friend and a scientist.  They are both Recyclables, undead men created by Megacorp for their skills, kept alive with a series of injections created with the blood of Vlad Tepes—the Dracula—and mixed with heroin and other chemicals to keep them under control.  This future world was first introduced in Anoxic Zone, a term used for the deep water of the Black Sea where no oxygen exists, deadly to human divers.  It is a world where countries have no governments but are run by corporations, the biggest of which is Megacorp, a bully when it comes to doing business. In Anoxic Zone, Jake and Johnny discovered Megacorp’s secret and broke away to start their own company and destroy Tepes.

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